Customer Care | Online Payments

When you enroll in Cook’s EasyPay service …

Your account information is stored in a secure, protected environment.

You can:

  • Setup automatic payments
  • Have your account paid whenever a charge is posted to your account
  • Make a one-time payment
  • Enroll all of your Cook’s accounts under one login
  • Use different payment sources: bank accounts and debit/credit cards
  • Assign different payment sources to different Cook’s accounts
  • See a complete history of all payments made through EasyPay
  • See a recent history of charges and payments posted to your Cook’s accounts

It’s Easy and It’s Free!  image

You may make one-time payments using EasyPay even if you choose not to enroll.  Log in by entering your Cook’s account number and service address zip code.  Then enter the bank account or debit/credit card you want to make the payments from.  Your payment information will NOT be stored. The next time you want to make a payment, enter the information again.